Corporate Legal Services

BUSINESS SET UP/START UP: Are you starting a business? Do you have an established business as a sole proprieter? We will help you choose the right business entity format (e.g. Partnership, Corporation, LLC) to ensure both business/tax advantages and liability protection, help you keep your corporate records, and stay in compliance with government regulation. We’ll help protect the interests of those involved with shareholder or buy/sell agreements. We’ll make sure any securities registration is covered, and help you with issues relating to franchises, intellectual property, and protect your business information through restrictive convenants with key employees. We work with your accountant, insurer, banker or other professionals to maximize the benefits, protections, and savings for your business. After set up, we’ll help you with annual filing requriements and ongoing business management.

BUYING OR SELLING A BUSINESS: We can assist you in every aspect of selling or buying a business; from contract negotiation, valuation, due diligence, securities issues, and enviornmental issues. We’ll help establish the right form for the transaction, whether merger, asset sale, or purchase of shares. We can also help in dealing with related issues, like transferring licenses, labor and employment concerns, and government compliance.

CHARITABLE/NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: We have particular expertise in serving not-for-profit organizations. We will help you incorporate, obtain charitable tax status with the IRS and State Departments of Revenue, qualify for real estate tax exemption (where possible), keep your corporate records, and stay compliant with goverment regulation. We have a wealth of experience representing faith based entities such as churches, schools, service organizations, and health care providers.

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS: Are you involved in a communtiy served by an association of owners? We have helped create, manage, and represent town home, condominium, and cooperative home owners associations. We will provide what you need to stay in compliance, deal with complaints, and collect asscociation fees.