(AS OF JANUARY 1, 2019, JOHN R. RUSSELL, LTD IS NOT TAKING ON ANY NEW CLIENTS IN THE AREA OF FIREARM RIGHTS, FOID CARD APPEALS, OR CCL APPEALS. We will continue to leave the information on this page available in order to provide information that people seek regarding these matters. HOWEVER, JOHN R. RUSSELL LTD. SHALL MAKE NO REFERRALS REGARDING THESE ISSUES.

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Mr. Russell has helped Illinois residents obtain their Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Cards if they are denied a FOID card because of a Felony Criminal History.

Illinois law provides that no person may acquire or possess any firearm or ammunition without a valid FOID Card.  Section 8c of the FOID Act provides that anyone convicted of a felony in Illinois or in any other jurisdiction must have their FOID Card revoked, or cannot obtain a FOID Card in the first place.

Illinois is unique in providing convicted felons a chance for relief from this firearms ban.  Under Section 10 of the FOID Act, if a convicted felon can prove the following four things, then that person qualifies for a FOID Card:

  1. That they have been felony conviction free for over twenty years;
  2. That the circumstances regarding their past criminal history and reputation are such that they will not be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety;
  3. That granting relief would not be contrary to the public interest; and
  4. That granting relief would not be contrary to federal law.   

Depending on the nature of the felony conviction, the applicant can seek relief through administrative review with the State Police or file a Petition in the circuit court in the County where they live.

(For specific information on Firearms regulation in Illinois and Indiana, please see our Firearms Rights Resource Page).

My early ventures into this area of practice became famous through the First District Appellate Court case of In re Petition of McPherson, and a news article in which I was interviewed about that case, published here.

At this time, I am no longer taking new clients who are seeking restoration of firearm rights. This includes denial/revocation of FOID Cards and Concealed Carry Licenses.