Other Legal Services


IT/SOFTWARE LAW: While serving as general counsel for Providence Life Services, a not for profit organization involved in providing housing and health care for seniors, Mr. Russell was intimately involved in a subsidiary company which specialized in providing software and computer technical assistance to the industry. This gave him extensive experience in the areas of software and IT vendor contracting, as well as other legal issues that arise in the computer industry.

SCHOOL LAW: Mr. Russell has extensive practical experience in both public and private school settings. His undergraduate degree is in education, and he has worked as a school teacher and served as a school board member. He has represented both public school districts and faith-based private schools, as well as Township Trustees of Schools, where he developed extensive experience in the area of school boundary petition proceedings. He has also represented students and their families in disuptes with public school boards as well.

MUNICIPAL LAW: Mr. Russell has been involved in public service throughout his professional life, and serves in both elected and appointed positions in the Village of South Holland, Illinois. He has represented municipalities in a number of areas, most particularly in the areas of employment law. He also serves as an adjudicative hearing officer for the Village of Park Forest, Illinois, presiding over hearings involving traffic citations and violations of the municipal code.

CONTRACT REVIEW: Because of his experiences in writing and drafting, as an in house counsel and as an attorney representing businesses, Mr. Russell can help you with most any kind of vendor or third party contract.

EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS: Mr. Russell has been an educator in a variety of areas, and has regularly made presentations to companies, civic groups, churches, and other organizations in areas such as estate planning, management training regarding employment law, church law, and educational law.