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Why Do I Need an Attorney in a Real Estate Transaction?

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Helping You Buy or Sell a Home:

From negotiating the contract, examining the title, preparing or reviewing documents, working hand in hand with your real estate agent or lender, putting together auxiliary services, keeping you compliant with federal, state, and local requirements, to getting you through a successful closing, we have over 32 years of practical real estate experience to help you.

Commercial Real Estate:

Whether buying or selling, for your business or investment, we can assist with commercial property. We deal with local ordinances, zoning, building codes, and whatever problems you experience in the commercial arena. We also handle leases (both residential and business) and other agreements to help make your investment profitable.

Real Estate Development:

Are you a landowner contemplating new construction? We have the experience and know-how to get you from concept to closure, whether a single building or an entire subdivision. We particularly have experience in condominium and cooperative housing development and sales.

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Special Note to Indiana Real Estate Clients

Real Estate Attorneys are Helpful in Indiana. 

(No, Really!) 

In Indiana, attorneys are generally not used in real estate transactions or are only tangentially involved in the process.

Mr. Russell is sensitive to these issues and strives to serve his Indiana clients in such a way as to help them close their Indiana real estate deals with as little fuss as possible.  Most, if not all of the professionals involved on the Indiana side of the border will insist an attorney is not necessary. However, the custom has often led to the overlooking of important details, and ignoring the potential negative outcomes of negotiating disputes.

Indeed, one of the first documents a closing officer for an Indiana title company will have a party to a real estate transaction sign at the closing is an acknowledgment that they are not attorneys and are not giving legal advice. This technicality simply indicates how closely legal issues are intertwined in a real estate transaction.  Folks who are buying and selling in Indiana and accept the concept that they don’t need an attorney run the risk of needing legal advice and not getting it, or think that their legal concepts are being covered by the title company when the title company is under no obligation to protect them.

What happens if the process goes horribly wrong?  What if you need to make a decision to compromise something that could saddle you with a legal obligation you did not want or expect, or if you decide you want to cancel the deal, and then you are in breach of contract? How can you do that without an attorney’s advice?

We encourage all of our Indiana clients to consult with us when they are buying or selling Indiana property. We will tailor our representation to meet their expectations and needs so as to respect Indiana customs regarding real estate transactions. We will also make sure the client is fully informed, comfortable, and advised on issues as they arise.